Curbside ordering for your store

Create an online store to provide your customers with an efficient and affordable way to shop.

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Online Shopping

Easily set up an online store your customers can use to purchase the product they want at their convenience.

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Secure Payments

Take payments online using our secure and PCI-DSS compliant payment system. Accept all major credit cards and wallets (apple pay and google payments).

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Robust Workflow

All orders are routed to your store, and our easy to use store app helps your shoppers fulfill each order with ease and accuracy. The shopper app offers an easy to use and intuitive interface to fulfill orders with ease and accuracy.

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Your shoppers can notify the customers about out of stock items and recommend replacement. Your customers can also quickly inform you of issues with an order and allow you to resolve the problems.

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Easy Integration

Our team will help you integrate the online store with your existing point of sale and inventory system, so you don't have to deviate or re-train your staff from your existing workflows.

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Easy Store Management

Our store admin interface makes it easy for you to manage your store, see all orders, and identify issues. Detailed reports provide insights into streamlining your curbside offering.

How it works

1. Customer Order

Customer places an order online, enters payment details and selects a time slot to pick up. Our system pre-authorizes the credit card for the estimated total and routes the request to your store.

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2. Order Received

The order comes to your store and is automatically queued based on pick up time. Your shoppers get a notification to start working on an order using our easy to use shopper app. The app provides all necessary details for your shoppers to efficiently fulfill the order, including the location of items in the store, pictures and other identifiable information to make sure the right items are packed.

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3. Order Fulfilled

Once all items are packed and the final price calculated, the customer's card is charged for the order, and a receipt is sent with pickup details

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4. Customer Pickup

When the customer arrives at your store, they notify your staff of their arrival. Your employees deliver the order to the customer's vehicle, or the customer can pick it up from a designated location.

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Simple and transparent pricing.

$ 0.99 per order

Credit card processing fees: 30 cents + 2.9%
  • No upfront costs
  • No commitment, cancel anytime


  • Do you offer delivery

    We don't provide staff for delivery. But if you have a delivery team, our application can be configured to help you schedule and efficiently route the order.

  • Who packs the order items

    Our platform helps stores to create an online presence, the stores provide the shoppers to pack and deliver the orders.

  • Do you share or sell any of our store data

    No, we will never share or sell any of your store data

  • What kind of information will you collect from our customers

    We ask for your customer's name, email, and phone number to contact them if there is an issue. For online payments, all necessary information is collected by our payment gateway following PCI-DSS regulations.

  • How is the customer's credit card information stored

    We don't store your customers' credit card information. We use Stripe for all credit card processing. All payment transaction follow PCI-DSS regulations.

  • Do you share or sell any of our customer data

    No, we never share or sell any of your customer data.